A common dilemma faced by most men is that they are unable to choose the right gift for their partner. Compared to men there are more options when it comes to buying gifts for a girl hence why they get confused. Here are few creative gift ideas which might guide you on choosing the right one for your partner.

YouTube is your friend

One thing men need to know is that women love DIY gifts than the ones available at store. There are many creative videos such as turning a normal photo frame into fancy one. If you don’t have the time then you could purchase photo frames online and then make it fancy by painting and decorating it. You could also create a jar and name it “happy jar” this could have notes in which you have written the best memories you have shared with your girlfriend/ wife.

Food is the way to heart

If you aren’t very creative with cards for example you don’t know much about the card printing services and cannot really make a beautiful gift then you could show your creative skills at the kitchen. You don’t have to be a master chef to do this. You could simply look up a recipe on YouTube and Google it just to make sure you don’t make mistakes and surprise her with her favourite chocolate cake! Girls love boys who cook even if the dish turns out to be super bad, she will still love you!

Make cute jewellery

It is no secret that girls love to dress up and accessorize themselves with earrings, necklace and rings. You already do get these at almost every place but if you make it by yourself then it will be very close to her heart even if she chooses not to wear it as often. There are many simple ways for example you could buy pearls from the tiny shops which is in every market and learn how to put it all together through YouTube. Another cool thing is to make a storage space for all the jewellery your girl has, there are many ideas on pin interest which will come in handy!

Lastly you could come up with cool homemade skin care tricks. However, you need to be careful when doing this as your partner could be allergic to certain ingredients. For example you could mix gram flour; sandalwood powder with fuller’s earth put this mixture in a pretty jar. This is considered as an alternative for face wash and works great for acne prone skin! Such thoughtful gifts would show that you truly care about your partner and went out of the way to come up with it.